Karatin was a seaport city at the mouth of the Hungtse River. It was built on a swamp, but partly settled on a cleared-out jungle.


It was founded during the Hai Dynasty in 830. It was one of the first cities to have a unified architectural theme. It had northern facing buildings and wide paved stone streets with the Great Palace of the Sea Lords in the center of the city.

Notable locationsEdit

Karatin also had the Temple of the Jade Empress, a beautiful temple erected by the Sea Lords around a statue of the Empress Ti Hai Chin, wife of the Hai Dynasty’'s founder.

The harbor was deep and well dredged. Ships constantly came here for silk, rice and to learn advanced sciences. It was a busy port, where people could acquire almost any type of goods, and meet folk from all over Kara-Tur. This was also the port to which most foreigners came when they visited Kara-Tur.[1]



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