Karis was the mad wife of Elden Vargas in Neverwinter in 1479 DR.[1]


Karis was a storm sorceress of Rashemen.

Before the Spellplague, during a diplomatic mission, Karis met and fell in love with the War Wizard of Cormyr, Elden Vargas. They remained always together.[2] However, when it was discovered that Elden had entered into a pact with Asmodeus in order to augment his psychic powers, he was attacked by his fellows.[1] In the battle, Karis tried to protect him and was hit by Ganrahast Aeiulvana and lost her mind.[2]

After moving to Neverwinter, Karis suffered a collapse and, thanks to Mordai Vell, Elden took her to Helm's Hold.[1] She regained a little of her mind in the Cathedral, where Elden conducted a ritual to cure her by absorbing into her a storm. He was defeated by adventurers however, and it was not clear if Karis was cured or not.[2]



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