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The Kashghun were a tribe of nomadic humans living on the Plain of Horses in the Hordelands.[3][note 1]


The Kashghun lived in the eastern regions of the Endless Waste. Their territory bordered the lands of the Fankiang, Quirish, Oigur, and Tsu-tsu tribes.[4]


They spoke the Kashghun dialect of the Chuchian tongue.[5][1][2][note 2]

The Kashghun were enemies with the Commani and friends with the Dalat.[6]


Long ago, during a couralitai, a grand council of the khans (princes of the villages), all the tribes were in attendance. During a heated argument at the council, the khan of the Commani and his sons were assassinated. The murderers were never discovered, but the Commani suspected the Kashghun. This led to hatred between the two groups, which lasted even into the 14th century.[6]



  1. The name of the tribe is variously spelled as "Kahghun", "Khaghun", and "Kaghun" (one each) in The Horde and as "Kashghun" (6), "Kashgun" (1), and "Kahghun" (4 times), in Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms. It is clear they are the same tribe, but the exact spelling is unclear. The spelling "Kashghun" is adopted here as it is the most common.
  2. The Horde lists "Khaghun" as a language in its own right, but the Kara-Tur sources discuss this as only a dialect of the Chuchian language.


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