Katriana Donohar was a Tethyrian human woman living in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr. She was a priest of Chauntea.[1]


She was the daughter of the famed priest of Chauntea, Harandave Donohar,[1] high priest of the Harvest Hall in Wheloon. She followed him into the priesthood and served as one of his assistant clerics by 1367 DR.[2][3] [note 1]

Following Harandave's death, Katriana took over from her father as head of the temple. She held the position by 1374.[1]

By Eleint of the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, Katriana met the priests of the new temple of Mystra in Wheloon, finding them polite but not particularly friendly. She put this down to big-city inter-temple rivalry.[1] When adventurers revealed it to be a false temple and a front for followers of Shar and Cyric, Katriana would offer her healing spells for free.[4]


Katriana Donohar was usually at the temple, managing affairs there. She had a large number of divine scrolls, dating back to Harandave's day, which she sold to those she believed would use them for good deeds. She had thirteen followers or attendants, all minor priests.[1]



  1. Harandave is stated to have fourteen followers in 1367 DR. After his death, Katriana has thirteen followers in 1374 DR, suggesting she is the missing follower.