Kavatos Stormeye was a wizard of the Arcane Brotherhood in the late years of the 15th century DR.[1]


Kavatos Stormeye first helped the heroes of Neverwinter in their efforts against the frost giant Storvald in the Sea of Moving Ice. Thereafter, he gave his services to Lord Neverember, adding magical protections to the Crown of Neverwinter to prevent anyone but Neverember himself from touching it. When the Cloaked Ascendancy attempted to overthrow Neverember and unleash the Far Realm upon the city, Kavatos helped the heroes in researching their foes and providing the means to defeat them.

Later, when the mad illusionist Lukan accidentally freed the dragonborn necromancer Morlanth and unleashed an army of wraiths upon the River District, Kavatos apprehended and imprisoned him before sending the heroes to find out what he did and stop it.[1]



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