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Thane Kayalithica was the ruler of the stone giants in the late 15th century DR.[1]


Kayalithica was one of the giant lords at the time of the shattering of the ordning.

After 1485 DR, after the disappearance of storm giant king Hekaton, all giant lords started their path to reshaping the ordning. Kayalithica's plan was to seek divine illumination from the giant god Skoraeus Stonebones and destroying all the small folks' settlements built upon the ruins of ancient Ostoria.[2]

In order to accomplish her project, Kayalithica allied with the similarly minded Uthgardt Blue Bear Tribe and her minions destroyed the nearby Orlbar and Llorkh.[3]


Usually, Kayalithica was at the temple of Skoraeus Stonebones, meditating in front of the Steinfang stalactite, which she believed whispered the will of Skoraeus. In truth, she was deceived and the Steinfang housed a fragment of the earth primordial Draunn, who wanted only to create havoc.[1]



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