Keevosen Nihili was a shadovar spy in restored Myth Drannor in 1375 DR.[1]


Keevosen established herself near the restored Myth Drannor in the old house of the Blackthorn family with a group of People of the Black Blood werewolves at her service. On the surface, she was friendly with the elves, helping to slay the remaining monsters and occasional invaders, but in truth she spied for her shadovar masters.[1]

In 1375 DR, after the second battle of Shadowdale, she set an ambush for a group of adventurers who, with the help of Darcassan, were investigating the theft of the Nether Scrolls from Windsong Tower. However the adventurers defeated Keevosen and her werewolf minions.[1]


She had as a familiar a crow called Medar.[1]



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