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Keffiyeh (also seen as keffiyah[1] or kufiya[2]) were the traditional headcloths worn by inhabitants of Zakhara, Calimshan, the Arnaden region, and Anauroch.[3][4][5][6]


A keffiyeh covered the head and hung down the neck.[4] It was secured in place by a skullcap or turban,[4] which in Zakhara was called an agal[3] and in Anauroch an igal.[6] A keffiyeh served the practical purpose of protecting the head from the sun and the wind[4] and was often white to avoid absorbing heat.[6]

Length, color, and style varied considerably between tribes, cities, and even families.[3]


Price varied depending on quality: simple cloth keffiyeh sold for 3 cp and fine silk ones sold for up to 10 gp.[7]




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