Keissen was a thief who had a talent for the shadowy arts.[1]


The man was romantically involved with Osala.[1]


Circa 1374 DR, Keissen set out to the Battle of Bones on an expedition. He was to recover an orb and then bring it to the city of Baldur's Gate. In return, he was offered a huge amount of money. Despite the huge sum of money offered, it appears that he was charmed or hypnotized, as he became obsessed with finding the orb. Should anything bad happen, he would meet his lover, Osala, in the Elfsong Tavern.[1]

Keissen set out, but was killed upon returning the orb, as its powers were unleashed. When placed, undead spawned from the orb, and killed him. Osala waited in their meeting spot for three days until she was approached by a trio of adventurers. They sought him out, and found him dead.[1]



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