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Kelddath Ormlyr.

Kelddath Ormlyr was the governor of Beregost, as well as the high priest within the town's temple of Lathander during the mid-14th century DR.[2] He led the church's clergy, as well as its sponsored militia of some 200 citizens, in defense of the town.[3]

As governor, Kelddath was a champion to the local farmers, supporting their best interests, as well as those of local entrepeneurs. He was vigilant in his defense of the town and was vehemently against adventurers delving into the local ruins of the wizard school. He and his guards kept the town safe, so that trade and business could flourish[2]

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Kelddath had several influential allies within town, having been long-supported by the local conjurer of High Hedge, Thalantyr, as well as the town's blacksmith, Tearom "Thunderhammer" Fuiruim. He also counted the Craumerdaun mercantile family of Amn as allies, having convinced them to found an estate outside of town and breed their prized horses within its stables.[3]

Kelddath's temple, the "Song of the Morning", was guarded by four sirines who would defend him if he was ever attacked.

History[edit | edit source]

Before becoming a priest within the church of Lathander, Kelddath was a merchant.[citation needed]

In 1368 DR, in an effort to keep the town of Beregost safe, Kelddath posted a 5,000 gp bounty for the death of the crazed, Cyricist priest Basillus, by proof of his holy symbol. He also offered 2,000 gp for the head of any slain wyvern.[4]

For a time, Kelddath Ormlyr oversaw Beregost alongside a town council.[2] Some time between 1368 and 1372 DR the council was dissolved and Governor Ormlyr was the reigning authority in the town.[5]

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