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Sir Keldorn Firecam was a paladin of Torm and a respected senior member of the Order of the Radiant Heart living in the city of Athkatla in the nation of Amn during the mid-14th century DR.[1]

"Torm the True, the Brave, fill your servant with courage enough to banish darkness, and see evil wherever it may lie"
— Keldorn


The elder knight was wise and measured in his actions. He often sought the council of those he trusted before making significant decisions in his life.[1]

Keldorn held the duties to his order and Torm above all else. He could not abide individuals he saw as inherently evil, such as drow and vampires.[1]


Keldorn was married to a noblewoman of Athkatla Lady Maria, and the couple had two daughters, Leona and Vesper. They lived in an estate within the city along with their housmaid Peony.[1]

While he was dedicated to his knightly duties, Keldorn was often absent from his family even as he neared retirement. This led to at least some estrangement between the paladin and his family, particularly his wife Maria. The loneliness created by constant separation with her husband caused Lady Firecam to seek comfort and companionship with a fellow knight named William.[1]

Keldorn acted as a mentor to the young knight Ajantis Ilvastarr.[1]


Keldorn's armament included Hallowed Redeemer, a +2 greatsword and a custom set of full plate mail.[1]


Some time during his career in the order, Keldorn and his fellow paladins were betrayed by one of their own, Sir Taerga. The group was ambushed by Grinning Rath and his ogres. The paladins were forced to partake in a horrific ritual that involved being bound to one of their dead companions before being left to the elements. Keldorn managed to free himself from his binds and free several of his comrades, including Sir Cassius. Keldorn then stalked Rath back to his camp and slew him along with all his allies.

In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, Keldorn was sent by his order to investigate the Cult of the Eyeless within the city. He was found by Gorion's Ward and their party fighting some undead in the sewers under the city's Temple District.[1]



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In the Baldur's Gate series of video games, Keldorn is voiced by Roger Jackson.

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