Kella Darkhope was a Zhentarim agent in Nightstone sometime after the War of the Silver Marches.[1]


In the late 1480s or early 1490s DR Kella went to Nightsone posing as an itinerant monk. In truth she had originally planned to occupy the village in name of the Zhent, driving away the Lionshield Coster and bullying Lady Velrosa Nandar. For this she had recruited the help of the Seven Snakes. However, a bombardment from a cloud giant castle left the city almost abandoned and defenseless, changing Kella's plan into just waiting for the arrival of her associates and conquering the city. She remained hidden in the village's tavern while the goblin raiding the various buildings.[1]


Xolkin Alassandar, leader of the Seven Snakes, was in love with Kella, although she did not harbor the same feelings towards him.[3]




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