Kellesar was a settlement near the kingdom of Ulgarth in southeast Faerûn. It lay at the southern end of Barbarians' Road, which formed the border between Ulgarth and the barbarian lands of the east,[1] amidst the Stony Waste.[2]



Kellesar is known only from its appearance on the maps on page 53 and 73 of The Shining South (1993). Kelazzan is described as Ulgarth's southernmost city, suggesting that Kellesar is either not a city or not a part of Ulgarth. This article only places Kellesar geographically in Ulgarth for organizational purposes.

At Candlekeep's unofficial errata, Simon Gibbs argues that Kellesar and Kaspar should be swapped on the maps, as the description of Kaspar better fits the southern location. This article remains with the canon version, however.



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