A kelpie was a creature that resembled a mass of seaweed.[1] It could alter its form to appear as a woman, a hippocampus, or a green horse, then charm a person into thinking it was in trouble and needed rescuing. Upon the person attempting to rescue it, the kelpie grappled the victim and held it in the water until it drowned.[citation needed]


Between -215 DR and 750 DR, the kelpie population within Serôs nearly went extinct due to over-harvesting by the realm's merfolk. Eventually their population recovered along the Sea of Fallen Stars's coastal shallows.[4]

In 1361 DR, the illithid Vestress used the human Dagmar to plant kelpies in the water in her attempt to conquer the island of Ruathym.[5]


In Serôs the kelpies were thought to fill important niche in the sea's ecosystem as their natural scent acted as a repellent to sharks. Hunters would often seek them out in hopes of gaining some of that protection for themselves.[4]


Following the Twelfth Serôs War, kelpies were known to be found deep in the ruins of Alsyrrt.[6] Some were known to be found in [[[Maztica]].[7]



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