Keltormir was a moon and green elf realm established circa −17,800 DR to avoid the strife of the other elven nations.[1].


The forests of the realm encompassed the areas known later as Amn, Tethyr, Erlkazar, and Calimshan.[1]


Giants came to the forests of Keltormir and Shantel Othreier, seeking to establish their own realm and started felling trees in large numbers. The elves learned that this would provoke the dragons in the region into attacking the giants, but they wanted their lives to stay peaceful, so took a neutral stance. The dragons did indeed attack the giants. In −11,700 DR their breath cut a fiery swathe through the forests. In an attempt to protect his fellow elves, the soon-to-be hero Tethir sacrificed himself to slay two ancient red dragons. This act created the first elven dragonslayer and earned the elves the grudging respect of the dragons. The northern edge of Keltormir was renamed the Forest of Tethir in his honour.[2].

Giants and humans settled the areas where dragonfire and giant woodcutters had cleared the forest. This prevented the elves from restoring their trees. Three millenia of dragon attacks, plagues and wars followed, the end result being Keltormir splitting into 3 separate realms, though they still remained in contact with each other[3].

During the second Crown War Keltormir participated in the Sable Wars in −11,450 DR, aiding Eiellûr and Thearnytaar with Shantel Othreier. Together these nations attempted to invade Ilythiir, aiming to reform or conquer the dark elves before they destroyed any more realms. Over half their forces were wiped out by the dark elves' corrupt magic.[4][5][6] The Ilythiiri in turn destroyed Eiellûr and Thearnytaar, ending the Second Crown War in −11,200 DR, and began skirmishing along the borders of Keltormir.[7][5][6]

Ilythiir initiated the Fourth Crown War in −10,450 DR, attacking other elvish nations in response to the Dark Disaster inflicted on Miyeritar. By −10,300 DR Keltormir had withdrawn its forces west, holding a defensive line at Highlands' Edge, because of being pinned between the forces of Aryvandaar and Ilythiir.[8][5][9]


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