Kensei, sometimes called kensai,[1] were fighters trained in an ancient school of martial fighting that refined the skills of an individual warrior in their weapon of choice. These fighters, as a result, often became unrivaled amongst all other warriors as the master of their chosen weapon, whatever it may be.[2] In Shou Lung, these fighters were called chujen ("master").[3]


Kensei were trained to refine their skills in a particular melee weapon of their choice and were often incredibly disciplined as a result, recovering from would-be failures easily. When wielding their weapon of choice kensei exhibited an uncanny amount of control and finesse, striking deadly accurate blows. However, in spite of this strength of focus kensei could, and sometimes did, choose an alternative weapon, though they lost the benefits of their training until re-accustoming themselves to the new weapon through meditation, rest, and training.[2]

The exploits of a kensei were incredibely deadly, particularly when the kensei used their weapon of choice. Masterstroke allowed a kensei to strike with both improved accuracy and doubled lethality, while weaponsoul dance allowed the kensei to strike several targets, knocking each prone with deadly force. The kensei's control of their weapon even extended to defensive purposes, allowing them to deflect deadly attacks.[2]


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