Kensidan was the son of Rethnor, the leader of Ship Rethnor and one of the five High Captains of the city of Luskan.


Kensidan came to prominence in 1377 DR when Captain Deudermont tried to free Luskan from the rule of the High Captains and the Arcane Brotherhood.

Kensidan, a very scheming individual, convinced his father that at first they should make no move against Deudermont in fighting against the Host Tower. Later, when Deudermont had won and was elected governor, Kensidan made an agreement with Bregan D'aerthe for assistance, and his father fomented the fury of the people against the governor for a famine that plagued the city.

Finally, Rethnor died, probably helped along by Kensidan. Kensidan started a open revolt that took control of Luskan and Kensidan himself killed Deudermont. Thus Luskan became, as Kensidan had always wanted, a true free port where it was possible buy all kind of tools, including slaves and drugs.[1]


The nickname of Kensidan originated with the Cloak of the Crow, a magical cape that could polymorph a man into a giant crow.




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