Kepeshkmolik Thymara was a dragonborn member of Clan Kepeshkmolik, and a direct descendant of Shasphur. She was the founder of Djerad Thymar.[1]


Thymara was one of the dragonborn of Tymanchebar who survived the catastrophe that transported their nation from Abeir to Faerûn during the Spellplague. At the time she was pregnant and had little opportunity to survive against the horrors unleashed by the Spellplague. While she was fighting for her life, the goddess Selûne contacted her and guided her to the tomb of a bearded warrior, so Thymara could have her eggs in safety. At the next day, Selûne gave Thymara the warrior's weapon, the Black Axe of the Moon's Champion, to help her to find other surviving dragonborn. In exchange for her help, Selûne asked Thymara only that the dragonborn race had to thrive in the new world and that, when the time was right, she or her descendants had to give the Axe to its rightful owner.[1]

Thymara was able to find many other dragonborn survivors and reunited them in the ruined djerad (clanhold, in draconic) that was formerly the capital of Tymanchebar. They reconstructed it, calling it Djerad Thymar (Fortress of Thymara, in draconic) in honor of their savior.[1]




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