Keren Donnell was the most famous bard in the Ffolk-inhabited Moonshae Isles.[1]

Possessions[edit | edit source]

Keren used a longbow as tall as a man made of black Callidyrr yew. It was one of a dozen or so weapons that were crafted by the High King's own bowyer. He had a falcon companion named Sable.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

While visiting Gwynneth on official business for the High King of the Moonshaes in 1345 DR,[3] he helped Tristan Kendrick and his companions in a fight against a band of firbolgs. They led him to Caer Corwell so he could speak to King Kendrick.[1] On his way back to Caer Callidyrr, he was captured by a band of firbolgs and then rescued by Tristan, alongside Finellen the dwarf. It was at this time that Tristan found the legenday sword of Cymrych Hugh.[1]

With the discovery of the sword, Keren decided to stay with Tristan and company and began composing a ballad about the invasion and Tristan's journeys. Keren was influential in providing moral support to the armies as they battles Northmen at Freeman's Down and Caer Corwell. He also accompanied Tristan as he went to track-down the beast Kazgaroth after the failed battle at Caer Corwell. At this battle, Keren was disintegrated by the Beast. The rest of the group was also killed. The earthmother was able to ressurect everyone except for Keren, due his disintegration. In exchange, his ballad was spread to the minds of all the bards on the Moonshaes.[1]

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