Kerri Talindras was a half-elven cleric of Sune and a member of the Fellowship of the Purple Staff during the 14th century DR. Within the organization, she would illuminate visitors on their plan for the "Holy Realm" they sought to create north of Turmish, and what help they could offer in order for it to succeed.[2]


She was tall for a moon elf, and quite petite, with fair skin and black hair that was streaked with silver. Her alluring blue eyes were flecked with spots of gold. In her looks, attitude and sense of style, Kerri took after her adventurer father. She never let her rural roots overshadow her sense of flair. The combination of these aspects of her personality often came across as a charming, tomboyish attractiveness.[1]

She was honest and adept at opening friendly lines of communication with newcomers as well as negotiating disputes between others. She could be quite charming and outwardly affectionate. This was especially true when the Fellowship had particularly handsome male visitors, occasions during which Kerri seemed to lose a bit of her better judgement.[1]


Kerri was born to a Cormyrean seamstress and an elven adventurer who had a particularly exotic fashion sense. She left home when she was quite young, joining the church of Sune to stamp out the ugliness of the world, by sharing her beauty and love of life. She found her calling in the Fellowship of the Purple Staff, an organization through which she could help create a realm where the people of Faerûn could be passionate about one another, as well as their contributions to Toril.[1]


Kerri had a very distinct, brilliant-red +1 cloak of resistance, which was so enchanted that it could change its form or texture to best-suit her current apparel.[1]