Keryth Adofaer was one of the new aquatic elf high mages in Myth Nantar.[2]


In 1341 DR, Keryth was accepted as a new student by the High Mages Taranath Reefglamor and Yrlimn Tidark, together with Talor Vurtalis and Jhanra Merlistar. Taranath placed three selu'kiira upon their brows, sending the students into comas while the gems force-fed the knowledge of millennia into their brains.

Keryth and his fellows awoke only on Tarsakh 1 of 1369 DR in order to help in the Twelfth Serôs War.

Keyth and his fellows helped their masters in the war and in the great spell that sent Iakhovas to the Outer Planes. Afterward, Yrlimn and Taranath died of exhaustion and Keryth and Jhanra replaced them as the new High Mages.[2]


Keryth was a protege of the high mage Pharom Ildacer. He, totally fascinated by Myth Nantar, wandered the city in search of new details to eventually excavate. He hoped that in 1371 DR he and his fellow High Mages could clean all the city from corals, restoring it to life.[1]



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