Kestor was a half-elven merchant who dealt in silks, textiles and spices in Baldur's Gate during the 14th century DR.[2] He was both a member of the city's Merchant's League as well as an agent of the Knights of the Shield.[1]


The half-elven trader owned a merchant fleet that brought in silks and spices from many exotic countries, like Halruaa, Balduran in Chult, Dambrath, Nimbral, and Tashalar. He was one of the few non-Calishite proponents of the idea that the Knights needed to work with the Rundeen.[3]


Kestor had a very long history of rivalry with Aldeth Sashenstar and used all of his and the Knights' resources to try to ruin his rival.[3]


During the iron crisis of 1368 DR, Kestor and his fellow Knight of the Shield agent Tuth took a meeting with Rieltar Anchev and Brunos Costak of the Iron Throne, within the fortress-library of Candlekeep.[4]

Having invested a great deal of money in the colony of Fort Flame, Kestor it all when the sahuagin destroyed it the settlement in 1369 DR.[3]



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