Kestutis was a human knight that lived on Tuern in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Kestutis was an aged man with medium-long blond hair and blue eyes.[1]


The knight owned the unique armor of the glacier armor set, which he wore during his service.[1]


In his prime, he was a knight in service to the Kings of Gundarlun and Tuern, known islands in the Frozenfar. Kestutis made the bold move of advancing into the territory of the local fire giants. He risked his life to enter the blazing volcanic vents and pin down the location of the fire giants that terrorized all of Uttersea. For his grand service, his monarch bestowed upon him an ancient fortress nearby.[1]

However, in 1358 DR, the knight was captured by a group of pirates. He was gagged and thrown into the corner of a room in his fort. The bound Kestutis was later found and rescued by the future Heroes of Ascore, and they told the equally heroic knight of their mission. He praised them for their valor and prowess, and thanked them for risking their lives for the people of the North, as he once did. Kestutis bestowed upon the heroes the armor of the glacier, an enchanted armor set that provided great protection against fire and fire-based creatures.[1]



Kęstutis was the name of a famed ruler of Lithuania in the 1300s AD. He disguised himself as a knight and escaped imprisonment.


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