Kethryllia Amarillis also known as Flame-Flower[1] was a moon elf who founded House Amarillis. Her body resides in the Hall of the Ancients in Leuthilspar on the island of Evermeet.[2] She lived long before the Crown Wars as the archmage of Sharlarion. When the city was attacked by an orc horde, she lead its army in battle. Two nights before that she finished in creating the magical sword Dharasha and she took the dagger with her, which centuries before was a gift from Ka'Narlist for Cornaith Moonflower. During the battle she fought together with her consort Anarallath. It was this priest who banished the leader of the orc horde, the demon Haeshkarr. Before the demon was thrown back to the abyss he got hold of the priest and took him with him. Kethryllia followed them and landed in the Demonweb Pits. She fought the minions of Haeshkarr and met the godess Kiaransalee. The evil goddess was intrigued by the wish for revenge and helped her to find Haeshkarr and her lost love, if she would only hail to Corellon Larethian for each kill. At least she managed to kill the hunted demon and freed Anarallath. But Lolth was aware of her doings and she followed Kythryllia to Faerûn, where she began to gather new followers, the dark elves.[3]


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