The Kettle of Many Things was a restaurant/tavern located on MacIntyre Path in the Swordspoint neighborhood within the Temple District of Ravens Bluff. It was long-standing business within the city,[1] having survived long into the 15th century DR.[2]


The front of the Kettle had two stained-glass bay windows that created a pleasant atmosphere in the common dining area. The northern end of the restaurant housed Morigan's Complete Components, a magic-supply shop.[1]


As a restaurant, the Kettle provided a simple, but delicious fare, such as fresh-baked bread and pies.[1]


Prior to the Spellplague the Kettle was fine restaurant, that specially catered to wizards and their familiars. During these years it was run by the couple Mijel and Jandra Morigan, with their daughter Jelima working as a server.[1] By 1479 DR the Kettle had become a tavern known for its cheap ales and wines.[2]



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