Key of Stars is the third and final novel in the Abolethic Sovereignty trilogy by Bruce R. Cordell.

Citadel of the Outer Void

I know where to find the Key of Stars.

For centuries Malyanna has worked in secret, manipulating, killing, and researching in pursuit of the Key of Stars.

I'll use it in the Eldest's place to unlock the Far Manifold.

With it, she will unleash a realm of chaos upon the world.

But first, we must find my poor, long departed mentor.

Raidon Kane and his companions must find a way to stop her—a race that leads them to seek out a dangerous criminal Raidon had defeated once before.

The Traitor.

Key of Stars takes place after the Spellplague in the year 1396. Following the Shou monk Raidon Kane, a survivor of the Year of Blue Fire, Japheth Donard, a young warlock who gained his powers through a mysterious pact, and Anusha Marhana, a naive young noble whose curiosity gets the better of her.


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