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Khalid was a half-elf from Calimshan[note 1] as well as a member of the Harpers during the 14th century DR. Together with his wife Jaheira, he investigated the iron crisis which threatened the region with a war between Baldur's Gate and Amn, became involved in the defense of Bridgefort during the War of the Shining Crusade, and was briefly caught up in the early events of the Bhaalspawn conflict.[1][2][3]

"Better part of valor! Better part of valor!"
— Khalid, upon fleeing in battle


Khalid was a kind, if a bit nervous man, and spoke with a noticeable stutter. While he was not the bravest warrior in the world, he was quite capable of holding his own in most battles.[1]


Khalid did not have a great relationships with his parents. He was particularly disliked by his merchant father, who preferred the half-elf's half-brothers.[1]

He was married to Jaheira, a fellow Harper whose strong personality was complementary to his own. Despite their very different personalities, they cared deeply for each other. Both Khalid and Jaheira were good friends to the sage Gorion, so much so that the senior Harper instructed his adopted child to seek the couples companionship.[1][note 2]


Khalid was born to a well-to-do Calishite couple who cared little for him. This caused Khalid to throw himself into the martial pursuits in spite of his otherwise placid nature. Some time later, he joined the Harpers and met and fell in love with the druid Jaheira.[1][2]

In the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR Khalid and Jaheira were traveling the Sword Coast tasked by the Harpers with investigating the iron crisis that plagued the region. They stayed the Friendly Arm Inn and were asked by their friend Gorion to watch after their foster child, should any harm come to him.[1]

A short time after the end of the iron crisis, Khalid and Jaheira traveled a short ways away from the city to the region around Boareskyr Bridge. While they stated this was a "getaway" for them as a couple, they were actually investigating the Shining Lady and the Shining Crusade that rose up from throughout the Sword Coast. The pair became separated by the crusaders; Khalid was stuck within the minor settlement of Bridgefort while Jaheira was forced to keep her distance, well beyond the crusade's siege.[2]

After the hero of Baldur's Gate was released from imprisonment within High Hall, Khalid, Jaheira, the young mage Imoen, the Rashemi witch Dynaheir and the berserker Minsc were all captured by the fallen elven mage Irenicus and his vampire companion Bodhi. Before Irenicus tortured and experimented on Imoen and her foster sibling, he slowly killed Khalid with a knife and forced the young mage to watch. Khalid's lifeless body was desecrated within the dungeon beneath the streets of Athkatla.[3][note 3]


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  1. In the Baldur's Gate novel Khalid is described as being Amnian.
  2. In the same novel, Khalid and Jaheira have a strained relationship due to Khalid's infidelity.
  3. In the novel Khalid is killed by some manner of slime or ooze.