A khanduq was a walled enclosure found within many Calishite towns and cities. It served as a central trade center for the marketplaces that sprung up around it. Khanduqs often included bars, inns, warehouses, guild halls, guard houses, moneychangers, or other such amenities.[1]


Every sabban in a Calishite city had a khanduq. While basic markets surrounded the outside of a khanduq, more expensive wares were stored and sold within the khanduq's walls.[2]

Most khanduqs had gates on opposite ends with a road between them to increase traffic through them.[1] The gates were heavily guarded and would be open from sunrise till sunset.[3]

A typical khanduq had two floors. It would have a square courtyard with a public well and troughs for animals. Roofs covered the rooms along the outer walls. There were several stalls for holding animals and several warehouse rooms for rent to merchants. The khanduq owner's house would be within the confines of the complex.[3]

The second floor would have a covered balcony where guildmasters and pashas would discuss business and overlook the shopping below. Most of the business and guild offices would be found on the second floor as well.[3]


During the First Age of Calimshan, caravanserais were scattered over the Shining Sea region as trade between human tribes multiplied. Cities developed around these enclosed "rest stops". Within an urban environment, the functions of these sites evolved. For example, strong defenses were no longer needed and stabling was less important, but many of the other amenities of caravanserais — central markets, warehouses, money-changing, etc. — remained. These "urban caravanserais" became known as khanduqs.[1]


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