Khayal were secretive genies of the Plane of Shadow.[1] They had a plane-spanning empire of conspiracies, involved in machinations against the other genies, especially the jann.[citation needed] They were arrogant and proud like all genies, and made an art of lying and trickery; however, it was taboo for a khayal to lie to another khayal. They were the size of a large human, and were agile fighters who used finesse and sneak attacks against opponents. Khayal genies were said to represent the absence of the elements, and were often opposed to the jann, who were made from all four. Khayal used shadow magic. They had to return to the Plane of Shadow periodically or they would begin to weaken after 24 hours. They are ruled by an Emir, who dwells in the khayal City of Onyx.



One meaning of "khayal" (خيال) in Arabic is "imagination".[2]

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