Khenel Barony was a human wizard with a great interest in spelljamming.[1]


Khenel wore orange and brown robes, with an orange cap covering the top of his shoulder-length hair. He had brown eyes, with a pronounced nose and thin eyebrows.[1]


A shrewd businessman and politician, Khenel preferred to use his magical ability to generate wealth, rather than waste his time on "dangerous yet mundane" adventuring.[2]


Being a powerful wizard, Khenel owned several magical items: a robe of protection, a philosopher's egg, and a ring of feather falling. He also carried with him an art book titled Soul d'Art.[1]


Khenel spent much of his time attempting to influence the magical trends of his home town of Waterdeep. He considered spelljamming to be an enormous technological breakthrough, and argued that harnessing it was "necessary to the continued trade-worthiness of Waterdeep."[1]

After learning a local thieves' guild had come into possession of a philosopher's egg, Khenel orchestrated a takeover of the organization. He intended to use the egg to craft a philosopher's stone, making himself extremely wealthy in the process.[2]



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