Khouryn Skulldark is a dwarven fighter and an officer in the Brotherhood of the Griffon mercenary company. Khouryn fought in the Brotherhood's war against Szass Tam's forces in Thay and participated in the Brotherhood's foray into Impiltur. He traveled with the Brotherhood to Chessenta when they were hired by a noble to investigate a series of supernatural murders in Luthcheq.[1]

Khouryn traveled with the dragonborn paladin Medrash and his warrior friend Balasar to Tymanther where he helped to train recruits to fight Tymanther's war with the Ash giants. While fighting on the side of the Tymantherans he became close friends with Medrash and Balasar.[2]

He traveled with Medrash and Balasar to High Imaskar to enlist of the aid of the Imaskari in the looming war with Chessenta. The Imaskari were under attack by creatures from the Plains of Purple Dust and would not agree to join forces with Tymanther until the threat was ended. Khouryn and friends traveled through a network of caves under the Dragonsword Mountains in an attempt to locate the source of the attacks. While in the caverns, they were attacked by Praxasalandos, a mercury dragon who had been enspelled by Xorvintaal. Medrash exorcised Tiamat's power from Prax and he helped them kill the ancient green dragon Gestaniius who was responsible for the attacks on High Imaskar. Praxasalandos flew Khouryn and a few others back to Luthcheq just in time for Khouryn to join in the battle against Tchazzar.[3]


Khouryn's beard was severely singed in a fight with a devil which made him somewhat self-conscious about his appearance. His beard appears to have regrown within a few months.[2]


Khouryn's primary weapon is an urgrosh and he often carries an enchanted shield.


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