Khrulis was a half-orc fighter and the military ruler of Airspur in Chessenta in the mid–14th century DR.[1][2][3]


By the 14th century DR, Airspur was a theocracy ruled by priests of Bhaelros (otherwise known as Talos). Every month they sacrificed a maiden to the Destroyer. Needless to say, they were incredibly unpopular.[2] However, when a bloody civil war erupted between the orc tribes of the neighboring Akanapeaks, many refugees of the Flaming Spike tribe went to Airspur, went into business as traders, intermarried with humans, and soon gave rise to a burgeoning population of half-orcs like Khrulis.[2][4]

In time, the priests of Bhaelros were deposed, with many killed and the rest escaping into the wilds. They were replaced by a military council led by Khrulis and half-orcs loyal to him held many positions of political power by the late 1350s DR. They were, by all reliable reports, a significant improvement.[2]

However, thanks to their traditional alliance with Soorenar, Airspur was soon dragged into a war with Cimbar and on a war footing by 1357 DR.[1] The war was unpopular in Airspur; many of the citizens had friends in Cimbar and human racists claimed the orcs were sending them to die. Anti-orc factions sought to "free Airspur from half-orc tyranny", perhaps even to attempt to assassinate Khrulis.[2] While Khrulis could keep the peace at home through the military, he realized he would either not win the war or not win anything from it if he did, and racial tensions would be exacerbated. It was expected he'd negotiate a peace with Cimbar and even turn against the Northern Alliance, given the chance.[2]

In the aftermath, Khrulis had Airspur set to work rebuilding its might whilst guarding against future enemies, as it was by the early 1370s DR.[3]

Around that time, the halfling bard Phlensos Ursuma entertained at the court of Airspur and did an amazing accurate impersonation of a key political opponent of Khrulis. Amused and more than a little inebriated, Khrulus awarded Phlensos a barony and land to go with it. Not a fool, though, the land was a small plot in the Adder Swamp.[5]


Khrulis led a military council that governed the city of Airspur. He had a tight control of the military, and with it, kept peace in the city.[1][2]

Circa 1357 DR, there was much discontent in the city, from the unpopular war with Cimbar to entrenched anti-orc bigotry. To deal with this, Khrulis used the cult of Bhaelros as scapegoats for the city's troubles. He accused those who opposed his policies of therefore supporting the cult and the sacrifices. Particularly vocal opponents were even covertly charmed into participating in public Bhaelrosian ceremonies to discredit them. While this tactic was for a time successful, the false dichotomy risked polarizing the people of Airspur and turning the cult of Bhaelros, no matter how hated they were, into the only opposition and driving people to join.[2]


Khrulis was a cunning and pragmatic ruler, but prone to be greedy.[1][3]



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