Khuralosothantar, or in short Khuralos, was a bronze dragon in Seros.


Born in 612 DR, Khuralos laired within the slopes of Mount Halaath. On a few occasions, the dukars of Myth Nantar asked his counsel but most of the time he slept.

He was awakened by the catastrophic end of the Twelfth Serôs War. He kept an eye on the situation, especially in Myth Nantar, quietly eliminating some sahuagin groups.

In 1370 DR, Khuralos was pondering what was the best way to help, as did the city's paragons that knew of his presence.[2]


Khuralos loved to eat sahuagin for the challenge of eating something that could fight back. He was a curious and amiable dragon but sometimes his curiosity overcame him and Khuralos "borrowed" interesting things.[2]



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