Khyssoun Ammath was a High Mage during the Fall of Myth Drannor.[1]


Khyssoun was born in -323 DR.[1]

In 667 DR, Khyssoun was chosen as one of the members of the early Council of Twelve.[2]

He fought during the Weeping War and in a decisive battle in Ches 35 of 712 DR at Dlabraddath, Khyssoun followed the Spell-Captain Paeris Haladar, leading four companies of Akh'Faer and Akh'Velahr to attack the Army of Darkness, believing he could end the war with a decisive victory. Instead, they found a trap and were all killed, including Paeris and Khyssoun. However, the Army also suffered a great loss.[3]


Khyssoun was the Elder of the Ammath clan and cousin of the Lord-Speaker Puorlass Ammath.[4]



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