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Ki-rins (pronounced: /kiˈrɪnzkee-RINZ[6] or: /kˈrɪnzky-RINZ[6]) were noble creatures native to the celestial planes, who either worked for good-aligned deities in direct opposition to the forces of evil or served as protectors of large areas of the mortal world. They were regarded as harbingers of good fortune, and days when a ki-rin was sighted were considered blessed.[2]


A ki-rin was similar to a unicorn in some respects, as it was a noble equine creature with a single horn. It had a stag-like body, but it was covered in golden scales instead of fur. Its horn and hooves were pinkish in color, and it had a thick golden mane of hair. Its eyes were deep violet.[3]


Ki-rins could fly without wings, and they had several other powerful spell-like innate abilities, including the ability to read the minds of those around them. They were extremely resistant to magic.[3]


Ki-rins almost always avoided combat. If forced to fight, they would try to render their opponents unconscious.[3]


Ki-rins tended to ally mostly with Torm, as well as with Tyr and Ilmater.[2]

Ki-rins themselves worshiped their own patron deity Koriel, though they had no priests among their ranks.[5]


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