A kiira, which was the Elven word for lore gem, was a wearable magic gem that enhanced one's memory.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

A kiira was a smooth, hemispherical precious stone. It was worn on the forehead, magically attaching harmlessly to the wearer's skin.[1]

Powers[edit | edit source]

When someone was wearing a kiira, she or he would find a greater ability to focus and an improved informational memory. One only had to concentrate for a few seconds to acquire this benefit. In addition, a spellcaster wearing a kiira could use it to store and prepare spells, just as if using a spellbook. A typical kiira could store up to 30 spells, no matter how simple or complicated they were.[1]

If someone was wearing a kiira, another magical item worn on the head would not function at the same time.[1]

Construction[edit | edit source]

A mage who could cast the spells legend lore and secret page and who was trained in the crafting of magical items could turn a gem into a kiira.[1]

Cost[edit | edit source]

An "empty" kiira sold for about 7,500 gold pieces; one that had spells stored in it would cost much more, depending on the number of stored spells.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

More powerful versions of kiira, known as greater kiira or tel'kiira existed from the time of Myth Drannor, which were both more powerful and more dangerous, but most kiira found in the world by the late 14th century DR were of the variety described here.[1] Lesser kiira were commonly created and used by nagas.[2]

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