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Kiltzi was the Maztican goddess of love, both romantic and lustful, fertility, and health.[1]


Kiltzi appeared as a very beautiful woman with a full, feminine body and extremely long hair which she used to clothe herself. She was often depicted as very pregnant.[1]


Kiltzi was the eldest daughter of Kukul and Maztica. She later taught humans how to love as her gift to mankind. She, along with her sisters, sided with Qotal against Zaltec. However, years after the battle, when Qotal decided he wanted a lover, he pursued Kiltzi. When he was done, and asleep, she fled to Zaltec's protection.[2]


Kiltzi was a popular goddess among the Mazticans. Her priests were some of the most effective healers among the Mazticans, for both physical ailment and emotional distress. She was commonly invoked at weddings and during pregnancies and childbirth. No sacrifice was offered to her other than the occasional bag of seeds or ear of mayz burned at her altar, as her favored form of devotion was performed privately between two lovers.[1]



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