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The King's Forest (called the Shadowood by the Evenors[2]) was located in western Cormyr.[5] It was once home to elves, as the westernmost fragment of Cormanthor,[3] but they abandoned the forest to humankind. The King's Forest was so named because it was the property of the crown. After the Goblin War ended in 1371 DR, the forest became infested with orcs. Previous to this it had been free of evil creatures.[3]


A network of roads passed through this forest that connected many small towns and farms in Cormyr.[6] Unlike much of Cormyr, there were no ruins to be found within it.[6][3]

The Starwater River ran through it.[7]

Foresters' caches have been spread through the King's Forest, marked with two ovals joined by an arc. The markings were nothing but easily missable scratches. These caches sometimes contained boots, tunics, belts, breeches, ropes, weathercloaks, knives, arrows, and some non-perishable provisions, like nuts.[8]

Flora & Fauna[]

King's Forest

A path through the King's Forest.

The flora within King's Forest primarily consisted of maple, oak, and rowan trees that created high canopies. There was very little undergrowth.[6]

In the 14th century DR there were no major predators within the forest and it was devoid of intelligent monsters. The largest fauna that could be found within it were bears. Due to this lack of natural threats it was densely inhabited and a popular spot for hunting, though such activity was forbidden and typically carried a penalty of forced labor.[6]


The King's Forest was probably a remnant of the Forest Country (also known as the Forest Kingdom[9]) which was a forest basin.[10]

In the Year of the Mournful Dance, 70 DR, all the wizards of Cormyr were gathered together by Baerauble Etharr to destroy several portals within the King's Forest that had been unleashing monsters into the surrounding area.[11]

King Duar Obarskyr's army defeated the orc invaders of the King's Forest in the Year of the Cat's Eye, 429 DR.[12]

The Dragon Thauglor, the Black Doom, was defeated in the King's Forest after being lured into a trap in the Year of the Dracorage, 1018 DR. Prince Azoun II inflicted the final blow, piercing his brain with the sword Orbyn.[13]

The end of the Goblin War in the Year of the Unstrung Harp, 1371 DR resulted in orcs infesting the King's Forest.[3]

By this time, King's Forest, the Hullack Forest, and Hermit's Wood were almost all that remained of the southern reaches of Cormanthor in Cormyr, having been pushed back significantly during the prosperous reign of Azoun IV.[3]

Notable Locations[]

  • Dathyl, a spring that ran through the forest near Espar. The waters of Dathyl were waist-deep and lush with brownfin.[14]
  • Dhedluk, a town that stood within the heart of the forest.[15]
  • Waymoot, the largest town within the King's Forest.[16]


Some of the fey that were known to inhabit the King's Forest were korreds.[17]




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