The King's Forest was located in western Cormyr. It was once home to elves, as the westernmost fragment of Cormanthor,[1] but they abandoned the forest to humankind. The King's Forest was so named because it was the property of the crown. After the Goblin War ended in 1371 DR, the forest became infested with orcs. Previous to this it had been free of evil creatures. No ruins were known to be located inside the King's Forest.[1]


The King's Forest was probably a remnant of the Forest Country (also known as the Forest Kingdom[2]) which was a forest basin[3] southeast of the Stormhorns in the area then known as Cormyr.

429 DR 
King Duar Obarskyr's army defeats the orc invaders of the King's Forest.[4]
1018 DR 
The Dragon Thauglor, the Black Doom, is defeated in the King's Forest in Cormyr after being lured into a trap. Prince Azoun II laid the final blow, piercing his brain with the sword Orbyn.[5]
1371 DR 
The end of the Goblin War results in Orcs infesting the King's Forest[citation needed]



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