King's Reach, also called the High Reach, was a town in the Vast, lying by the River Vesper on North Road between Swords Pool and Three Trees Pass, at the intersection with the Long Reach trail from Sendrin.[2][4][1][3]


There were various explanations for the name of King's Reach, but sages agreed that the oldest and most likely story was that this was the spot where Deep King Tuir Stonebeard of Roldilar declared that humans would reach this far and no further into dwarven lands. The name remained even after the fall of Roldilar in 649 DR.[2][3] The nickname "the High Reach" was later applied to distinguish the town from the Dragon Reach.[1]

Throughout its history, King's Reach was a base for prospectors and miners operating in the neighboring Troll Mountains (until they were worked out), Giantspike and Earthspur Mountains. These miners were originally dwarves, but over time they became predominantly human.[2][3]


King's Reach was a fortified town located near the River Vesper, at a crossing that was the highest navigable point upstream. Beyond this point, the river was a series of cascades and falls.[2][3] It was a wealthy community and a center of trade, mining and prospecting in the surrounding mountains.[2][3]

Many prospecting expeditions set out from and returned here, often by circuitous and secret routes to protect their claims and finds. Almost every person in King's Reach attempted prospecting for gold at least once in their life, seeking to strike it rich.[2][3]

More successful were the traders who met them in Three Trees Pass in the summer, selling food, supplies and equipment and buying ores and nuggets.[5] The ores and metals came down to King's Reach to be smelted or worked, and the goods came by barge up the Vesper to be sold.[3]

With all the ore coming in, King's Reach was the biggest centre of smelting in the Vast, and produced many trade-bars of iron and silver, palm-ingots of copper and nickel, and lesser quantities of gold and zinc.[2][3] These were kept in secure stronghouses and heavily guarded by alert and ready crossbow-wielding guards. They were a common target for bandits and orcs, but easier pickings were the mule-trains bearing ore in and metal out. Caravan guards were in high demand.[3]

There were a couple of small inns and taverns, though none had any great reputation beyond the town. They were frequently bought and sold as proprietors left to join the gold rush and former prospectors retired.[2]

A shrine of Tymora lay in the town. This was administered by the temple in Mulmaster, which regularly sent a priest to tend the shrine and the needs of the people.[2][1]


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