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The King-Killer Star was a reddish cometary body, visible from Toril, once linked to the Dracorage mythal. Its periodic appearance in the skies of Abeir-Toril caused dragons to go mad with rage, destroying and killing without reason.

The inferred naming of the King-Killer Star is told in the short story Traitors where Gold Dragon Orchrtrien witnesses the red comet and enters into the Dracorage attacking his loyal subjects. His subjects kill him in self-defense. While dying Orchtrien whispers, “The red star murdered me.”[1]


Lady Winterflower Duskmere was in possession of a thieved copy of a tome from King Orchtrien's Library of Draconic Magic. The tome was one of many that had been secretly copied by Rhespen Ash of Dawnfire in −25,090 DR.The copy of the tome was a metaphysical treatise on the fundamental nature of dragons and their links to the forces of creation, the elements of nature, and the stars. It is inferred that the copy of this tome ultimately gave the information to elves rebelling against dragon rule was tied to the first appearance of the comet.

An attempt was made near the end of the Time of Dragons by dragonkind to destroy the King-Killer Star. The missed shot nicked Selûne and created the Tears. The dragon Kisonraathiisar learned of this and inscribed it on one of this scales for posterity.[2]

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