During the time of the Bloodforge Wars (648657 DR),[1] the king of the realm of Doegan in the Utter East saw his kingdom fall.[2][note 1]


Doegan was overrun by invaders led by Rathgar the Raider, who plundered the realm and laid siege to the capital. Finally, Rathgar came for the crown itself, and confronted the king and princess in their own throne room, wounding the ruler. However, with his dying breath, the defiant king cursed him, declaring "For so long as you rule, a curse upon you. The dead will arise, to ensure your demise."[2]

Escaping the invaders, the princess of Doegan looked for a way to make her father's prophecy come true. She went to Old Stone Keep and there met Aelric, and enlisted his aid. They then led armies of undead against Rathgar's forces.[2]


The king of Doegan appeared to be a mage. He dressed in black, with a purple robe and high collar. He had a goatee and black hair streaked with white. When he cursed Rathgar, the symbol over his throne—a fiendish long-horned skull and ankh—glowed green.[2]



  1. This king is, of course, unnamed.


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