During the time of the Bloodforge Wars (648657 DR),[1] the king of the realm of Edenvale in the Utter East tried to arrange a marriage for his daughter, Roxanna.[2]


The king of Edenvale ruled from Edenvale Castle in the Sempadan Forest.[2]


The king of Edenvale desired a son to succeed him but had sired only one daughter, Roxanna. Thus, when she came of age, he called for suitors for the princess, plotting to arrange a marriage. Roxanna thoroughly rejected this, but pressured by her father's pleading, she proclaimed "I will not be wed in service to the crown, nor traded like some prized cattle. Any man that shall marry me must first defeat me in battle."[2]

Thereafter, Roxanna fought a series of duels against many would-be suitors. These were all contests of arms, and she was victorious each time. When one apparent suitor, Bryan the Bold, challenged her to bloodforge battle instead, these contests escalated into a conflict known as Matchmaker Mayhem.[2][note 1]

Bryan the Bold
Despite this, the king of Edenvale still plotted to marry off Roxanna regardless, but she'd come to prefer Bryan to any other match. Thus she proposed Bryan capture Edenvale Castle and seize her father's crown.[2]
Matchmaker Mayhem Bryan 4b

The dejected and deposed king of Edenvale surrounded by his happy family before Edenvale Castle.

Finally, Bryan wooed Roxanna, they fell in love and were wed, ruling jointly over Edenvale, much to the former king's chagrin.[2]
Roxanna of Edenvale
Maintaining her independence and defeating all comers, Roxanna succeeded her father and happily ruled alone as queen. When she got tired of royal service, she abdicated in favor of an adventuring career.[2]


The king of Edenvale had pale skin and black hair and beard. His royal regalia included a silver five-peaked crown, blue robe lined trimmed with white fur and gold, and green breeches.[2]


The king of Edenvale had at least one daughter, Roxanna. If she married Bryan, the king would gain many grandchildren and potential heirs (at least three), which would worry neighboring kingdoms.[2]



  1. In the Blood & Magic game, two alternate campaigns are provided, one for Roxanna and one for Bryan. These are mutually exclusive. An official history is unknown.


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