His (or Her) Resplendence, the King of Justice (or the Queen of Justice) was a title used by the ruler of gold dragon society. The title was created because the gold dragons, the most lawful of the dragon species, felt the necessity to create the most orderly of societies.[1]

The King of Justice was usually the oldest and most powerful gold dragon of a given region. Although the dragons held official elections when it was necessary to fill the position, the King of Justice was almost always chosen by acclamation. If the two most promising candidates of a given election were male and female, then, instead of elections, they took the Oath of Concord (the dragon equivalent of marriage) and shared responsibilities and authorities equally.[1]

Unlike most human kings, His Resplendence (or Their Resplendences, in the case mentioned above) didn't actually rule gold dragon society. Instead, they acted as advisors, giving guidance to those who sought them for their wisdom, and only took decisions when a situation affected the race as a whole.[1] They were assisted by many dragon lords who were required to swear the Ptarian Code, a code of honor and conduct that was created several millennia before by the gold dragon Ptaris.[2]


The last known King of Justice of western Faerûn was Tamarand, who still had the title as of 1479 DR.[3] Before him, the King was Lareth,[4][1] who died in 1373 DR during the last Rage of Dragons.[5] Before Lareth, a particularly powerful gold dragon named Protanther was the King of Justice.[6][7]


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