Kir Sabal was a cliffside monastery in the jungles of Chult inhabited by a group of aarakocran monks.[1]


In the late 15th century DR, fifty-six aarakocra lived in Kir Sabal, in twelve "nests" or extended family groups. They lived primarily by hunting in the jungle, fishing along the River Olung, and gardening atop the plateau, where they were safe from most of Chult's predators.[1]

Notable FeaturesEdit

Originally, the monastery structures could be reached by ascending a path that combined natural stone ramps, steps cut into the cliff face, and wooden walkways built onto the cliff. By the late 15th century DR, the ramps and steps were still mostly intact, but the wooden walkways were rotting or missing entirely in many places.

The monastery incorporated numerous symbols and statues of Ubtao in various forms into its construction, though the aarakocra were unaware that these statues were of the primordial.[1]


The gargoyles of Omu and the aarakocra of Kir Sabal were bitter enemies. Aarakocra scouts watched over the distant city, and their intrusion annoyed the gargoyles. Once in a while, gargoyles would follow a patrol back to Kir Sabal and attack the monastery.[1]

In the late 15th century DR, the monastery was led by the elderly aarakocra Asharra. At that time, the aarakocra were also sheltering the last human descendants of the royal line of Omu, Prince Na and Princess Mwaxanaré.[1]