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Kirith Sotheril was a minor elven goddess of divination and enchantment magic.[3]


Kirith normally resembled a 5.5 feet (1.7 meters) female elf with golden hair and wore rainbow-striped robes. The color of her eyes continually cycled between hazel, green, blue and violet.[3]


Anyone who looked into Kirith's eyes within 10 feet (3 meters) of her could have a powerful suggestion implanted into their heads by her next words, a power she could use once per minute. She could also automatically detect magic items within a 540 feet (160 meters) radius and determine what powers they possessed, assuming protective spells, lead casings, or other similar wardings did not block detection.[3]

Kirith was capable of psionics and casted spells in combat, and before a battle began would cast prismatic sphere on herself. The sphere would move with her wherever she went while being harmless to all elves in her service. She also recovered the use of expended spells, with recovery times starting at a minute and taking incrementally longer the more powerful the spell was.[3]


Kirith fought with a +4 magical dagger.[3]


Kirith dwelt in the divine realm of Tethrin Veraldé, Tethridar. It was a small, pleasant realm with open fields, a fruit orchard, and a large copse of trees.[4][note 1]



The holy symbol of Kirith.

Kirith was a member of the Seldarine, and served Corellon Larethian, the major elven god of magic. She had a slight rivalry with Corellon's wife Sehanine Moonbow, as on many worlds she considered herself the patroness of subtler magic, though the two were far from enemies. She was the confidant of Tethrin, elven god of bladesingers, the son of Corellon and Sehanine, and, as the rumors alleged, her lover.[4]

Kirith had no true foes of her own, although like all of the Seldarine she was opposed to the drow and goblinoid deities.[4]



A priestess of Kirith (in the middle).

The bulk of Kirith's worshipers were non-evil elven mages, although chaotic neutral elves were not part of the proper clergy. All members of her priesthood were mages in someway, with even the straightforward clerics branching into arcane magic. Around four-fifths were priests, split evenly between clerics and specialty priests called zivorns, and the rest were specialist wizards, split evenly between diviners and enchanters.[4]

Holy days of Kirith were the same as those of Sehanine, but conducted during the days of the full moon rather than the nights. Holy days could also be declared by the high clergy in response to significant events, such as the successful completion of powerful magic or an omen from the Magess herself. On such days, hooded, multi-colored robes were worn and sacrifices made to the goddess in the form of prayers and pieces of knowledge, her places of worship being small valleys and glens.[4]


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