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Kirith Sotheril was a minor elven goddess of divination and enchantment magic.[3]


Kirith normally resembled a female elf with golden hair and wearing rainbow-striped robes. Her eyes continually changed color.[3]


Kirith Sotheril was a member of the Seldarine, and served Corellon Larethian, the major elven god of magic. She had no true foes or allies of her own (although she was opposed to the drow and goblinoid deities, like all of the Seldarine).[4]

Kirith did possess a slight rivalry with Sehanine Moonbow, another elven goddess concerned with divination, and was rumored to be the lover of the god Tethrin Veraldé with whom she shared the realm of Tethridar.[4]



  1. Dragon magazine 155 puts Kirith Sotheril in the plane of Olympus, where most Seldarine reside, instead of Elysium.


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