Kiser Jhaeri was an infamous thief and assassin in Saradush.[1]


During The Five's siege of Saradush, Kiser was ready to open the gates to the enemy. To cover up his plot, he framed an innocent, Mateo, blackmailing the chief witness, Mirnielle Santele, by kidnapping her son Ardic Santele. Eventually, Gorion's Ward became involved in the investigation, and at first Kiser proclaimed his innocence. After Gorion's Ward discovered the capture of Ardic, Kiser tried to frame the mage Errard for the kidnapping. At last, Gorion's Ward saw through Kiser's lies and he fought and defeated Kiser.[2]


Count Oon Santele and Mayor Tanithe Beyross had suspicions that Kiser was the secret leader of the Cat's Claw assassin guild.[1]



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