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Kitthix was a semi-intelligent extra-planar spider that could be summoned to the Prime Material Plane by means of a figurine of wondrous power.[1]

It was unknown exactly which plane of existence from which Kitthix originated.[1]


Once every eight hours, Kitthix could be summoned by the unique black spider figurine.[1]

Like most spiders, Kitthix had a toxic bite and could entangle foes within a form of magical webbing. This webbing paralyzed any creature caught within, but could be readily dispelled.[1]

It also had a teleportation ability that resembled those found amongst phase spiders.[1]


As of the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR, Kitthix's figurine was in the possession of Pai'Na, the half-drow druid that dwelled within the catacombs beneath Grave District of Athkatla.[1]



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