"My need for revenge gives me strength to go on."
  — Kivan

Kivan was an elven ranger from the Shilmista forest in the Lands of Intrigue. During the mid–14th century DR he set out on a mission of revenge against the individual that ruined his life.[1]


Kivan was a stoic man of few words. He was rather undiplomatic, cold in nature and extremely gruff with others. As such he did not readily become friendly with others.[1]

He did not like being in cities or traveling underground like the "dwarven folk." As to be expected Kivan was not fond of drow or those that followed Lolth.[1]


Despite his solitary nature Kivan was wholeheartedly in love with his wife Deheriana.[1]


A few years before the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, Kivan and Deheriana took a romantic vacation away from their daily lives. The couple were waylaid and captured by a group of bandits led by the half-ogre Tazok. The bandit leader tortured both of them for his own enjoyment. While Kivan was able to escape with his life, Deheriana was not so fortunate.[1]

Kivan set out on mission of vengeance. In the months prior to the iron crisis, Kivan began hunting bandits as a means to get closer to Tazok and the Blacktalons.[1]

Some time that year or next, he Kivan began working with several other adventurers tasked with escorting a future bride to the home of her groom in Amn. Among the others involved were the noble paladin Ajantis, the warrior Shar-Teel Dosan, the Cyricist priest Tiax, and Eldoth Kron. Unfortunately the group was almost immediately assaulted by a band of hobgoblins. Kivan's fate after the battle was unknown.[2]




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