Knee-Cracker was a cider crafted in Daggerford[2], Faerûn. It was also sold through Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue.[1]

If you drink it down too fast, you'll end up on your knees, begging the gods for aid and swearing you'll never touch the stuff again.
  — Demetria Landscaper[2]


Made from windfall apples, Knee-Cracker cider possessed heavy sediment. It was suggested to let a container of Knee-Cracker sit for three days upon receipt to allow the sediment to settle.[1]

This cider was a flavorful cloudy beverage that was stronger than ale but weaker than wine.[1]


Knee-Cracker could be purchased in the following containers:[1]

  • Hand keg (1 sp)
  • Cask (4 sp)
  • Barrel (1 gp)
  • Butt (35 sp)
  • Tun (8 gp)




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