The Knights in Silver were the army of Silverymoon and it was their duty to patrol and defend the city against orcs and other dangers.


The Knights in Silver were led by Besnell of Silverymoon, an elven fighter up until his death in the war between Mithral Hall and Menzoberranzan.[4] After the war was won he was replaced by his second in command Terrien Doucard, a half-elf soldier from Silverymoon.[5] Later, Terrien led Stumpet Rakingclaw, the dwarven high priestess of Mithral Hall to save the injured Lady Alustriel higher up on the slopes of Keeper's Dale.[6] In 1372 DR, the commander of the Knights in Silver was Sernius Alathar.[2]

In 1484 DR, during the War of the Silver Marches, a contingent of the Knights in Silver led by Aleina Brightlance were sent to help King Firehelm in defending Sundabar from the oncoming forces of the Many-Arrows. They attempted to repel them at the River Redrun, but with frost giants and the drow forces of Ravel Xorlarrin aiding the orcs the Knights in Silver were ultimately overwhelmed and suffered heavy casualties. In the days that followed many people referred to the defeat as a slaughter.[7]


A dozen Knights in Silver guarded Hawk's Nest, the watchtower near the top of Silverymoon Pass during the months when the road from Silverymoon to Sundabar was in heavy use protecting the road's traffic from monsters and bandits.[8]


They were aided by many wizards and contingents of Harper agents.[3]


There were two ways of becoming a Knight in Silver: volunteering, or receiving a commission from the High Mage. The former was by far the more common method. When volunteering for duty an aspirant presented themselves to the Recruiting Master Mazillor Shatterstave in the city of Silverymoon. Master Shatterstave received applicants only once a month, so if an aspirant missed the recruiting period they must wait til the next month to apply again.[9]

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